Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Attended:Marilyn Morales (Area 1 Manager), Claribel Rodriguez (Wicker Park Supervisor), Gretchen.Chavez (14th District Police), Adam Housley (President WPAC), Scott Venable (Vice-President WPAC), Richard Tilley (Treasurer WPAC), Doug Wood (Treasurer WPAC), Joe Sawicki (Softball), Ginny Warnecke (Wicker Park Security Guard), Abby McElhiney (New City Church), Susan Fontana, Denise Browning, Alisa Hauser (DNAinfo), Elaine Coorens (OUT), Matt Tramel (Neighbor)

  1. Security Reports – In advance of the meeting, WPACrequested reportsfrom 14th District Police, Park District, and 1st Ward Moreno on their plans for the security in the Park and the repair of vandalized property in October. They were asked to include this information in their reports:
    • Hours in park surveillance – daytime, 11pm closing, overnight
    • Viewing camera footage – how do the community, 14th District and Park District work together to solve our current problems with security?

    Also, a Timetable was requested for the repair of damages and non-functional items beneficial for security plan and wellbeing of park patrons. These items were requested to be addressed:

    • Repair light on building that illuminates parking lot
    • Picnic table bench missing
    • Repair IT services
    • Shutting off electric outlets at fountain and field pole electric to deter vandals plugging in to recharge their smart phones and boom boxes
    • Repair of historic Chicago bench board
    • Waste management support to keep cans empty and in park at all times
    • Repairs to damaged gardens

    RESPONSES – Gretchen Chavez from the 14th District police addressed the security issues and gave this information: Park sweeps at 11:30 and 3am, more police would be in park on foot, CAPS email was to be used to report as well as phone calls. Ginny Warnecke discussed her surveillance. Marilyn Morales and Clare Rodriguez noted list of repairs. Gretchen was asked to increase coverage on Sundays in the day, since they are so busy.

  2. Park Supervisor Report – Clare Rodriguez announced the return of Marilyn Morales to the position of Area I manger – all praised this change and welcomed Marilyn back.Clare Rodriguez gave a brief report on programming and announced that we have a new full time attendant (janitor) called Ben Valentin.
  3. A Report on Midnight Circus in the Parks– Doug, Denise, Susan. Wicker Box office sales for 4 shows was $39,198 with the 5pm shows having better attendance.Ad sales were $8,600 ($8000 – earmarked for WickerICE); concession sales total was $4,503.25 minus costs (report to come later in month). The concession sales minus costs is earmarked for WPAC Programing and the Garden Club’s $2,000 security deficit from Wicker Park Fest. The box office proceeds will be combined in all non-sponsored parks. 12.5% of the total income will be divided among the parks based on number of shows. Estimated amount to be received is 2.38% of the total box office or less than $5,000. Final MCITP wrap up meeting will be in December and checks will be distributed. These funds are ear marked for WPAC Programming and the Garden Club’s $2,000 deficit from Wicker Park Fest.

    NOTE – TO RESOLVE:Elaine Coorens asked the group the question: When do we decide if we will host the MCITP again and what is the procedure involved in this decision.

  4. Report on WickerICE: Doug Wood submitted a report on WickerICE fundraising and fundraiser events. Doug gave copy of the details of WickerICE partnership to Marilyn Morales listing Park District and WPAC responsibilities.
  5. Budget Hearing Letter – The 2016 Budget Hearing request letter was reviewed and approved for submission. Doug will submit to Park District executive staff.
  6. Updates on Boo-Palooza – Saturday, October 24 from 10am – 2pm. The council reviewed all details and set to do goals. Adam Housley has arranged for a large group of volunteers from AT&T to assist with Friday’s set up. Doug submitted detailed list of jobs, volunteer groups, group leaders, etc.

    SUBMITTED – Final partnered permit (owe $0) was submitted to Clare Rodriguez and Marilyn Morales.

  7. Minutes – Budget Report – Minutes of the September WPAC meeting were read and approved. Richard Tilley’s Treasurer’s Report was submitted.

ADJOURN 8:30pm